Hello and welcome to my professional website! My name is Fabien and I am a French freelance translator. I’m offering the following language services:

I have a French master’s degree in multimedia translation (EMT label) and my translation skills were developed thanks to my varied work experience. Therefore, I especially focus on the quality of my translations. Of course, it is essential for me to consider this aspect. I also opt for organization, confidentiality and compliance with the deadlines: these are the reasons why I should be in charge of your language projects.

Moreover, I chose to be self-employed to exchange and to communicate more easily with my clients. For me, a collaboration cannot be successful without these two aspects. As I handle your project from start to finish, I am your only interlocutor. This way, you can always communicate with me if you have any questions or comments regarding your project. You can contact me if you require a quote: I will answer you as soon as possible.

Therefore, my goal is to provide you with “translations which sound right”: translations that are fluent in the French language and faithful to the source text! As this is what I learned during my studies and what I applied throughout my work experience.

I hope you will enjoy your visit on my website. I shall see you soon for a possible future collaboration!


Thanks to Rachel Chauve for the photo!